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The Pulstar-VIII left Earth 486 days ago, in a mission to colonize a new planet. A meteorite impact left the ship wandering aimlessly through space and most of the crew has died due to an alien virus infection. Only 5 members remain now: a doctor, an engineer, a cook, a radio operator and you.

Today the navigation computer has localized the planet, but with the current resources of fuel, food and oxygen the ship can’t carry all the crew members. Only two can remain and only you, the captain, know about the tragic destiny. Murders are coming…

The wreck of the Pulstar-VIII is a short Sci-Fi thriller adventure game in which you, the captain, will have to make tough decisions and all the necessary sacrifices to survive and make the mission succeed… without getting caught. Featuring different “good endings” and several bad ones, if you get caught.

A game made by David Jaumandreu for the Ludum Dare 40 using Gimp, Ren’py and Audacity. Thanks for playing!

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PulstarVIII-1.0-pc.zip 27 MB
PulstarVIII-1.0-mac.zip 12 MB

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